Business Intelligence

Share-Ing_What_BusinessIntelligenceDo you want to understand and value your data?

If you look beyond the names and acronyms, products and slogans, Business Intelligence is a set of techniques and technologies allowing you to enhance the wealth of information contained in your data. It allows you to pass from a speech-based culture to a data-based culture, from the vague to the concrete.

To carry out a Business Intelligence system, it is not necessary to imagine and fear a long and laborious project with an uncertain outcome. Share-Ing proposes a progressive and incremental approach, obtaining useful results at each step.

Share-Ing won’t talk about products straightaway. Instead our project will be driven by the analysis of your needs and data and not by a specific product to be used.

Beyond Business Intelligence, Big Data does not mean for Share-Ing a new marketing buzzword, pinned to existing technologies: instead we propose experimenting with new technologies for Big Data together.

If using public information or sharing your information is your goal, we can discuss together about the best possible way to propose Open Data.