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Share-Ing_WhatShare-Ing shares and fulfils your desire to innovate, which does not mean revolution, but rather evolution.

Innovating means considering reality from a different perspective, not from a distant point of view. And Share-Ing offers you its perspectives and skills.

Do you wish to improve the processes of your company?
Process Engineering

Do you wish to realize your software projects?
Software Engineering

Do you wish to understand and value your data?
Business Intelligence

Do you have to promote and manage innovation?
Project Management

Are you looking for financing opportunities?
Project Funding


Share-Ing_ProjectsSome examples of what we have done and what we can do for you.

  • Data analysis for the large-scale retail: multidimensional analysis of sales, analysis of campaign effectiveness, basket analysis, analysis of purchase forecasts.
  • System for cooperative and shared detection of situations and events of social interest.
  • Mobile application for a network of shops: management of the relationship between network members and management of proposals to the customers.
  • Mobile application for the communication of a large association, preceded by the redesign and reorganization of the communication.
  • Support to SMEs for the analysis of their status and their possible evolution, in order to prepare projects funding activities.
  • Presentation of SME projects to the right funding call and in the right way.
  • Coordination of a group made up of significant international actors for the definition of the contents of a common project and of the collaboration guidelines.

We have the instruments and the skills to build your project.


Share-Ing_HowShare-Ing’s main product is its relationship with people and companies: it works with its customers, co-operates with them, sharing tools and goals.

Share-Ing looks for and offers only excellence. It doesn’t believe that information technology can be sold off for low price and bad quality. We know that software services are every businesses’ lifeline.

For Share-Ing software is industry and craft. From the former, it takes methodological precision, from the latter, the aspect of creative invention. Share-Ing adopts as its model the Renaissance workshop: in dividing roles according to skills, in the continuous process of learning, in linking method and invention, production and creation.

Share-Ing shares EoC’s project.


Share-Ing_WhoShare-Ing is not only a new company, it’s a new way of conceiving a company, based upon trust and co-operation.

Share-Ing is not a “start-up”. It is rather a “follow-up”.

Share-Ing is a “network-company” and it offers its expertise and shares the know-how of all the people and companies it works with. It is an aggregator, even a catalyst of skills, which enables all interaction.

Share-Ing is not a centralized company, it’s a distributed one, and it resides where our collaborators are, where our net gets to, wherever we can meet you.

To contact us:

Project Funding

Share-Ing_What_ProjectFundingAre you looking for financing opportunities?

There are often ideas which are not exploited and projects that are simply not carried out as they lack the initial boost.

There are many financing opportunities which are not seized for lack of information or because of the complexity of formalities.
Funding may not decide a company’s strategy, but can surely promote it.

Share-Ing does not choose your projects, but shares them with you and helps you make them come true.

Share-Ing has long dealt with project funding and therefore can now work for you and with you to find new financing opportunities and to define, plan, propose, execute, control and finalize your funded projects.

Project Management

Share-Ing_What_ProjectMgmtDo you have to promote and manage innovation?

Share-Ing knows that innovation means a big change and that a new software system implies a new way of working.

Share-Ing knows that the success of a project does not coincide necessarily with its technical performance. A project fails if it does not involve those who commission it and finally use it.

Before methods and technologies, the management of a project demands sharing and reliance. There is not a supplier and a customer working with separate visions and objectives; there are only people involved in building a new way of working.

Share-Ing is concerned with controlling and managing your software projects just as if it were you.

Business Intelligence

Share-Ing_What_BusinessIntelligenceDo you want to understand and value your data?

If you look beyond the names and acronyms, products and slogans, Business Intelligence is a set of techniques and technologies allowing you to enhance the wealth of information contained in your data. It allows you to pass from a speech-based culture to a data-based culture, from the vague to the concrete.

To carry out a Business Intelligence system, it is not necessary to imagine and fear a long and laborious project with an uncertain outcome. Share-Ing proposes a progressive and incremental approach, obtaining useful results at each step.

Share-Ing won’t talk about products straightaway. Instead our project will be driven by the analysis of your needs and data and not by a specific product to be used.

Beyond Business Intelligence, Big Data does not mean for Share-Ing a new marketing buzzword, pinned to existing technologies: instead we propose experimenting with new technologies for Big Data together.

If using public information or sharing your information is your goal, we can discuss together about the best possible way to propose Open Data.

Software Engineering

Share-Ing_What_SoftwareEngDo you wish to realize your software projects?

Conceiving, designing, building a software system is not different from conceiving, designing and building a bridge and a car. It demands method and tools, precision and creativity, and it needs know-how and expertise.

Share-Ing does not improvise and offers its own experience:

  • carrying out custom projects tailored to your specific needs
  • helping you choose the most suitable products, without any constraint or exclusion (with a preference, however, for open source solutions, as we consider them most suited to help you concentrate on your project rather than on the product itself: “a net-weight software”)
  • identifying the most suitable partners to share your vision with
  • carrying out projects of system integration, starting from selected products

Process Engineering

Share-Ing_What_ProcessEngDo you want to improve the processes of your company?

A new software system brings along a renewed way of working. A new way of working needs to be supported by a renewed software system.

Process engineering and software engineering are just two sides of the coin, two different points of view which build one perspective.

In order to put forward a new software system, it is necessary to manage the changes of its related business processes. To design these changes, it is necessary to take into account the software system which manages them.

Share-Ing is able to assist you in improving your business processes in an overall perspective, looking at both processes and software:

  • shaping your business processes and proposing their possible evolution
  • proposing the most suitable software system for your processes
  • proposing metrics and measuring tools for your business processes

Share-Ing, Process and Software Engineering, is your partner for Business Process Management.